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Hi, I’m Andrea Wilson and I’ll be working with you to create your Web site and to start getting new clients for you from the Internet.

1.  First thing, not just any Web site will do. You need to understand how people are searching to find your business on the Internet… and have your Web site built or modified with that in mind. Your Web site should be a dynamic marketing tool to help you get more clients, not just a static business card that lists your contact details. Regardless of whether you have a Web site, or not yet, you need to see how people are finding your business on the Internet.

2.  I’ll help you discover how many people are searching for your type of business services each month. I’ll also help you uncover your best keyword term… one with plenty of traffic. Then we’ll look at the trends in your area for your best search term, as well as the general trends for the same phrase, which will help us finalize your keywords.

One thing to keep in mind here, you want a Web site that can dynamically change to attract the clients who are searching for a particular term. So, if you focus your Web site on one keyword phrase, but then find that your clients are concerned about another keyword phrase, your site needs to have relevant pages added to it so people searching for that other keyword can find your site in the search results.

3.  Where will they find you in the search results? There are two main places that would be good for you to target:

a) Local listings for your city. See the reviews people can place on your listing? You need consistent reviews to show in these search results as well as stay at the top. Just like placing an ad in the newspaper, you need to have good advertising here on a regular basis to keep your reputation preserved on the Internet. People will choose your business if it has a good reputation. With that in mind, I suggest you take advantage of our Local Listings advertising package to create and preserve an excellent reputation online.

Here are some of the things we’ll be doing to complete your Local Listings:

– Create Listing (Business to claim ownership)
– Link to YouTube Video (Can be a simple Power Point presentation)
– Upload Pictures (I have lots of ideas for photos!)
– Select Categories (Carefully chosen)
– Upload five initial reviews (provided by customer)

Keep in mind that the search phrases you can target with local listings is limited by Google. However, if you have a dynamic web site, the search phrases you can target in our next area are limitless:

b) The next area to target are the Search Engine Optimized listings above and/or below the local listings. These are the organic search results which we call the SEO results. If you show in both the local search results and the SEO listings, you’ll have two or more chances to get your Web site seen and thus get more clients into your business.

Here are some of the things that can be included in your SEO package:

– 2 Press Releases Written
– 20 Press Release Submissions
– 60 Manual Search Engine Submissions
– 2 Original Articles Written
– 50 Automated Article Submissions
– 5 One-Way Backlinks (manually submitted)
– 30 Social Bookmarking Sites
– 10 Directory Submissions

The process of getting your site to show when someone types in a search phrase does take some time. For the local listings it’s at least four weeks from the creation of the listing to when you’ll show. In the SEO results, it can take several months. You will see your site moving up in the rankings each month, so that’s always exciting, but getting a first page ranking does take time.

So, to start with, I’d suggest that you have a dynamic marketing Web site built and take advantage of our Local Listings package, as well as the Basic SEO package, targeting two great keywords.

I’m looking forward to working with you to accomplish your business goals this year. Please give me a call so we can start getting customers into your business from the Internet. Phone 604-468-4992 today!

Google Pages  - Local Listings

Google Pages - Local Listings