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Local Businesses Do Not Need a Web Site to Show Up on the First Page of Google

Vancouver, BC – November 4, 2010

The First Thing a Business Should Do Online is to Claim its Google Places Local Listing

While a few local businesses have figured out that Google Places can put them in a competitive position on the Web, many still believe they need a Web site to be found in the Google search engine. What these folks soon discover, however, is that getting a Web site to the first page of Google is far, far harder than getting their business on the first page of Google using Google Places.

What is Google Places? Andrea Wilson of Online Marketing Vancouver explains, “When you search for a local business, you will often see a small version of Google Maps, with several ‘Place page’ listings beside it or near it. These Place pages often appear right in the middle of the list of actual Web sites. If you click on the link to the business, you will see its profile, including contact information, reviews, services provided, images and a link to its Web site, if it has one.

“After checking out our free video on how to properly set up your local listings profile (, go to Google Places and ‘claim’ your listing, or Google will just populate your profile as best it can! Then fill out your profile following the directions in the free video.”

Getting onto the first page of Google with Google Places isn’t magic or luck. It requires basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. All businesses want to be on the first page of Google, but only the ones who do it right will be found there. That applies to Google Places, as well as to Web sites.

While Google Place pages currently have far less competition than Web sites because they are so localized, it’s still important to claim your local listing and fill out your profile. Only seven Place pages appear on the first page of Google; you’ll want your business to be one of them.

Visit to find out how to set up your local listings for maximum effectiveness, or call Andrea Wilson at 604-468-4992 for a free 30-minute consultation and get your Online Marketing questions answered today.

Yellow Pages Usage Steadily Declining

Vancouver, BC – August 19, 2010

Instead of using the phone book, 54% of people now turn to the Internet to find local businesses (comScore). But don’t rush to put your ad on or another online directory, because, according to Google Trends, online directory usage is also steadily declining.

So, how are people finding local businesses online?

People are using local search terms, Google Maps and Google Places to find local businesses. And people who search online for local businesses are not searching casually; they are looking to buy right now. The question is: Can they find you?

Most local business owners did not foresee the demise of Yellow Pages advertising. Even when the Yellow Pages moved online, many local businesses did not. Some businesses managed to toss up a Web site, but many never bothered at all. In most cases, those that did put up a site had no idea how to make it pay. Sadly, some businesses spent thousands of dollars on fancy Flash Web sites that look good, but produce not one cent in revenue.

Are you a business owner desperate to understand the Internet and how it can turn your business around? If so, Andrea Wilson, a Vancouver Internet marketing consultant, can pull your business out of the Dark Ages and into the Internet era. Using the Internet, she can get you leads, customers, sales… whatever you want.

If you already have a Web site, but it isn’t making you any money, your site could now become the life’s blood of your business.

But even without a Web site, Andrea can show you how to get customers using Google Places, online press releases and email marketing.

But if you leave it too long, you might find her working with your competitor who will likely want to be found online for the exact same search terms as you! And since only one business can be #1 in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages or #1 in Google Places for each search term, you must not delay.

On the bright side, it will be virtually impossible for your competitor to knock you off the #1 position if you’re doing all the right things. And, for that, you’ll need someone who knows what those things are. Contact Andrea at 604-468-4992 or email her at