Attention Vancouver Area Business Owners Interested in Online (Internet/Web) Marketing:

Andrea Wilson, Vancouver BC Area, Internet Marketing Consultant

Andrea Wilson, Internet Marketing Consultant, Vancouver BC Area

“How To Make Your Web Site Pull In 400% More Business Than Your Competition — At No Extra Charge!”

You can quickly multiply the amount of new business your Web site pulls in by making one (rather small) change! And there are 48 other simple changes you can make to your Web site that will instantly bring in more new customers.

If you’re thinking of creating a business Web site — or re-designing the one you have — do you know there are actually two types of Web sites? Most people build the first type, but the second type is much more profitable.

These are just a few of the tips, tricks and tactics I’d like to share with you during your FREE online (Internet) marketing consultation…

Hi, my name is Andrea Wilson. I’m an Online (Internet/Web) Marketing Consultant for the Vancouver, BC area. After reading this Web site I think you might want to call me. My direct line is 604-468-4992.

I know that many small businesses either:

  1. Don’t have a Web site
  2. Have a Web site they can’t update themselves and that doesn’t make them any money
  3. Have an ugly Web site that doesn’t reflect well on their business… and doesn’t make them any money
  4. Have a half-finished Web site (that of course doesn’t make them any money)
  5. Are stuck with an expensive Web site that doesn’t make them any money.

Do you see a trend here? Well, I specialize in creating small business Web sites that bring in fresh leads, new customers, and make money!

In less than 30 minutes, I can ask you a few key questions, examine your current Web site (or help you design one), and provide a revealing analysis of how you can very quickly improve your response rate.

For example:

When you call today I’ll reveal…

  • The single most important element (almost nobody uses) of a money-making Web site.
  • How to get the name and email address of nearly everyone that visits your Web site — then market your products and services to them for free!
  • The amazing 3-letter word that makes your customers want to read every word of your Web site. (Then buy everything you offer them.)
  • How to get your Web site listed on the front page of Google, for FREE! (Amazingly, you can even have a simple, FREE, 1-page Web site or no Web site at all and still get listed on the front page of Google! CALL ME ABOUT THIS! 604-468-4992)
  • The incredible 2-word phrase that forces Web site shoppers to call now and order your products and services.

And much, much more!

Then, after our call you do have options…

You Can Freely Use My Advice To Improve Your Web site

Or, if it’s appropriate, and entirely up to you…

Save Yourself Time AND Get Guaranteed Results By Hiring Me!

For example, I can provide:

  • A custom made Web site (or a re-design of your current site) that…
    • Gets you listed in Google, Yahoo & MSN and brings in plenty of targeted traffic.
    • Gets you more calls, more customers, and more profit.
    • Gets you a lower cost per lead than any other advertising you’re currently doing.
  • A domain name for your business. (For example, — You’ll also have company email, like
  • Secure “hacker-proof” Web site hosting to keep your files (and customer data) safe from prying eyes.
  • Web-based software that captures the name and email address of your customers, then automatically sends them information about your company while you sleep.
  • Tracking software that shows you exactly which pages of your Web site your customers visit… how long they stay… which products they’re interested in… and where they go afterwards!
  • And too much to list!

But even if you don’t decide to work with me today, after our brief discussion you’ll undoubtedly get more value from your Web site than ever before.

CALL NOW! Phone 604-468-4992 today… and discover how to make YOUR Web site profitable!

Schedule your FREE 30-minute online (Web/Internet) marketing phone consultation today — with no obligation whatsoever — simply CALL ME NOW at 604-468-4992 and discover how to make your Web site a profit center for your business.

Call me today! Unlike most Internet marketing consultants, who simply send you a quote and hardly speak to you, or, conversely, want to nit-pick everything to death, driving you crazy, I have a very personal five-step process that’s designed to get your project started off on the right track AND limit your time involvement to critical items only. Your time is valuable, so let’s not waste any of it! Call me today! 604-468-4992

Andrea Wilson
Online (Internet/Web) Marketing Consultant for the Vancouver, BC Area